Welcome to the JungleBy: Mama_D
Welcome to the Jungle. As Head Admin of Jurassic Jungle
I would like to welcome you all to the game. Please take time to go to the Game Help forum and read the help guides. If you have any questions please mail any member of the Great Hall and they will be more then happy to help you along. You
can also visit chat and ask questions. The game community is very friendly and more then willing to help all new players.
Have fun in the Jungle and enjoy the game.

Mama D

Head Admin ChangesBy: Nate
I have stepped down from Head Administrator in this world and have passed it on to Mama_D. She is the most qualified to do this job and has suffucient training to undertake the tasks that are required. Make her feel welcome.


Current NewsBy: Nate
Greetings to all. Much has been going on in the OGN world. The Rebuild is still underway and is nearing its completion. We apologize for the lack of updates over here. Much of our time has been dedicated to the rebuild process. When we have finished the rebuild and have more time to work (roughly 1 month) we will focus our resources over here and dig through the ideas forum.

- Nate

Happy Valentines!By: Brett19
Happy Valentines day, on behalf of the entire Online Gaming Network staff :) We hope you have a wonderful day; feel free to play Jurassic Jungle anytime your better-half isn't looking ;)

The rebuild process is going well, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the latest questions on the feedback forum to have your input.

Happy venning!

- Brett

Jurassic Jungle & OGN DevelopmentsBy: Feltash

The new look has finally come to Jurassic Jungle. Im personally really happy with how it turned out. Lots of new developments in the works for Jurassic Jungle and all of the OGN suite. The main engine rebuild is currently being built, so expect lots of new features and challenges to arrive soon.

On another note the Online Gaming Network has taken a well deserved rebrand and can be seen at www.onlinegamingnetwork.net.

Next month (March) we will be holding a laptop competition so make sure your prepared, more details coming soon, keep an eye on the forums.

We are also giving away 150 30 day ultra subscriptions + 30 day regular subscription packs.

Will you be a lucky winner?

Good luck!

- Feltash

Merry Christmas Everyone!By: Feltash
Merry Christmas everyone from OnlineGamingNetwork.

We hope you enjoy your 2 free ultra subscription days and 2 free regular subscription days!


New Online ChatBy: Feltash
Our online chat system has been updated so it is now in-game frames.

Check it out and meet some of your fellow hunters!

- Feltash

Recent Harddrive FailureBy: Feltash
We recently had a complete hard drive failure and lost all of the Jurassic Jungle data. We have worked solidly for 3 days to bring everything back and apologise for the downtime you have suffered.

- Feltash

Welcome to Jurassic Jungle! We have recently launched and are looking forward to your feedback.

(Latest News Update)